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Data Modelling

One of the key aspects of using data to provide insight into running a business is ensuring that the data model contain the relevant objects to support analysis within acceptable timescales. With SAP Business Warehouse and ECC systems there are many different data sources and possible data models that could be built to support reporting and analysis, so having a consultant with the knowledge of the business processes and the experience of having designed many data models across multiple industries is essential for success.

A good report will highlight an aspect at the high level, e.g. Revenue 20% below forecast. The next question would be Why? so the report would offer click through or graphic to show by region, sales division,product group or customer group and then from those sub analysis reports down to the next detail level. Different tools may be used to achieve this kind of reporting such as graphical dashboard for the first level drilling down to Business Objects or Bex type reports for the deatled levels.

The back end data models need to be designed to support this kind of click through analysis, ensuring that detailed data is timed to be in line with the summarised levels and that query performance is acceptible.

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